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Outdoor Cat Houses

Looking for a house for a feral or outdoor cat but do not know what size to choose? Learn How to choose the right size cat house

From fabric cat homes to wooden cat houses, you’ll find a cozy place for your outdoor cats or a shelter for ferals. Our cedar wood outdoor cat houses are the perfect solution for outside living cats, especially if you live in an area with cold winter or hot summer.

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How to choose the right size cat house

People often ask us if given house is large enough for their outdoor cat. But, just as it is important that the house fits the cat, it is also important it is not too big for it. That is why you should pick a shelter that offers enough space so cat can move around, but not so much space that the cold air gets inside and prevents the accumulation of warmth.

Consider these tips when choosing a house for your outdoor cat:

  • The house's length and width should be not less than the distance between the cat’s nose and the root of the tail but no more than 25% larger than this distance. 
  • The house's height should be at least 25% taller than the cat but should not exceed 50% of the pet's height when stands tall.
  • The house’s door height should be at least three-quarters of your pet’s shoulder height (from the cat’s neck to the ground).


The infographic below illustrates the most important things you should consider when choosing a shelter for an outside-living cat and how to prepare it.

Infographic: How to choose the right size cat shelter

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